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    Centralized procurement to reduce costs:

    Kasinopack supply chain takes bulk commodity trading as its core business, involving traditional printing and packaging, environmental protection paper support packaging and other business fields, grasp the price fluctuation of international bulk commodities in real time, avoid risks, realize economies of scale, reduce costs and build a strategic partnership with external suppliers through centralized procurement;

    Warehousing logistics, rapid delivery:

    Through its own warehouse and third-party cooperative warehousing and logistics, it provides professional and efficient warehousing and logistics services and bulk commodity preliminary processing services to help enterprises achieve rapid and efficient delivery capacity;

    Information management to enhance competitiveness:

    By building an information management system, connecting the inside and outside, and collecting logistics, information flow and capital flow in real time from various links such as production, warehousing, transaction and logistics, so as to form a trinity of complete supply chain information, and then provide big data services and financial services. Taking capital as the solvent of the whole supply chain, we can solve the problems of financing difficulties and supply chain imbalance of small and medium-sized enterprises, Increase capital liquidity, promote the establishment of long-term strategic synergy between small and medium-sized enterprises and Cassino, and improve the competitiveness of the supply chain.

    Technical support, private Customization:

    The company's technical team has more than 24 years of professional technology. The company has a number of paper and plastic product development and design engineers and mature mold technical workers. It has advanced computer packaging and transportation process simulation software to ensure the development speed of products, and the design is novel and unique.

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