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Application of cosmetic paper holder in lining packaging

Company news| 2021-12-14|admin

    Cosmetic lining, also known as Neto in the cosmetics packaging industry, as the name suggests, is to create an object to set off the product and play the role of maintaining and decorating products in the sales and transportation of cosmetics. The manufacturing method of cosmetic lining is very simple. After the packaging box conforming to the product is manufactured, the shape of inner support is designed according to the size of the product, and then it can be cut by machine or craft. Cosmetic paper support is the best choice.

    Dongguan kesino fiber environmental protection technology Co., Ltd. always takes environmental protection as its own responsibility and is committed to promoting the development and development of green packaging products. The products have obtained the following international Certifications: SGS, rose, reach and FSC.

    The customization of cosmetic paper holder lining is to let the project open the mold according to the drawings provided by the guest, and require the finished mold to cut the products needed by the guest.


    Especially for those that need several layers of pasting, pull all the materials down to the adhesive workshop for assembly, and fix a single product on the platen. The platen is coated with glue so that the product can be fixed. When screen printing, just change the screen version and pick it up after printing. So if the material is too thin, it will stretch. If the product needs silk screen printing, it should be taken to the workshop for silk screen printing, and the color should be according to the customer's requirements. Finally, the assembled cosmetic lining can be packed into the bag.

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