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How to better prevent moisture and dampness in paper holder packaging

Company news| 2021-12-13|admin

    Summer is a season with more rain and a long time. Therefore, it is very necessary to prevent moisture and dampness. The paper holder is not able to keep moisture intact, but a moisture-proof cover layer is added on the surface to reduce the time of moisture return. Therefore, the moisture-proof problem of paper holder products must be paid attention to, and the problem of moisture resistance must reach the specification.

    Therefore, in the process of transportation and sales, in order to prevent moisture problems, the paper support factory will stop moisture-proof and waterproof treatment during manufacturing. The main methods are as follows:

    Method 1: add liquid paraffin on the surface of the paper tray, put in the product, wait for a period of time, and adsorb a layer of wax film on the surface of the product, so as to complete the moisture-proof function.

    Method 2: apply oily materials on the surface of the paper tray.

    Method 3: in the process of consuming the paper holder, add an appropriate amount of stone powder, so as to improve the hardness of the paper holder, and continue to use it even if it is damp.

    The moisture-proof treatment of the paper support factory enables users to use it safely and plays a circular role.



    While designing the paper holder, it should also be noted that the structural design of the paper holder can be stopped according to the performance characteristics of the fundamental structural elements of the paper holder and environmental protection paper holder. The key points of the design are analyzed as follows.

    (1) Fix the support surface. This is the most fundamental point in the structural design of the paper holder. The fixed support surface can be determined according to the requirements of the packaged products, the overall dimensions and the internal dimensions of the outer packaging. For example, to design a paper holder package for an electrical product, the length, width and corresponding structure of the paper holder can be determined according to the overall dimension of the package and the internal dimension of the outer package, so as to determine the fixed support surface of the paper holder. At the same time, we should understand whether the emphasis of packaging is on strength or cushioning. The packaging of some products with large weight and high strength focuses on strength, but as a cushioning packaging, its cushioning performance must also be adhered to, while the packaging of some valuable products focuses on cushioning, and its packaging must also have a certain strength. In the design, the two should be properly combined, and the appropriate base points should be selected according to the shape, structure, gravity center and strength of the packaged product, and then the support surface should be fixed by these base points.

    (2) Cavity and stiffener. The cushioning effect of the paper holder is mainly achieved by slowing down the elastic deformation of the paper wall when it is impacted and offsetting the external force. The elasticity of the paper support material itself is not high, which mainly depends on the design of the reinforcing rib of the product and the buffer cavity formed by it. The design of the cavity and reinforcing rib plays a vital role in the elastic deformation of the paper support, that is, the buffer ability, and the fundamental basis of the design of the cavity and reinforcing rib is the shape and use of the product itself. The cavity is set in the structural design of the paper support to ensure the dynamic cushioning performance of the paper support, and the reinforcing rib is set to increase the strength of the paper support. Several cavities with simple shape and good dynamic cushioning performance are evenly distributed in the paper support structure to buffer, stabilize and improve the strength. For the problems of structural instability and strength drop caused by large-area cavities on the paper support structure, several or symmetrical reinforcing bars can be set to deal with. The setting of cavities and reinforcing bars should be fully considered, convenient for consumption Simple processing and even dispersion, and make the gravity of the product evenly dispersed.

    (3) Relevant parameters. Confirm the relevant parameters in the design according to the requirements of the packaged products and the characteristics of the structural design of paper support products:① Size and wall thickness; ② Demoulding slope; ③ Transition arc.

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