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Dongguan mobile phone paper support supplier which is good?

Industry news| 2021-12-13|admin

    Pulp molded tableware is made of reed, bagasse and other herbal pulp as the main raw materials, adding about 30% wood pulp (or no wood pulp) and some waterproof and oil-proof additives. A forming machine is used to form a blank in a certain shape mold, and then heating, drying, calendering and other processes are carried out.

    In countries all over the world, pulp molded products are generally used for industrial product packaging, such as shockproof supports for instruments and products. The research and development of pulp molded tableware in China began in the early 1990s, and gradually solved the problems of strength, oil resistance, waterproof, heat resistance, disinfection, tasteless and so on. The products of some paper support plants have been recognized by the railway department and popularized on the trains of main railway lines. Therefore, pulp molded tableware has become the product with the largest production capacity and the largest number of manufacturers among the alternative products of foamed tableware. At present, there are nearly 60 manufacturers in ChinaPaper support factoryWith an annual production capacity of 5 billion.


    The production process is relatively simple and the plant construction cycle is short, which is convenient for popularization. The product has good thermal insulation performance and can be processed into various shapes. Waste tableware can be recycled or degraded by itself.


    1. The previous pulping process has caused serious environmental pollution. In the later stage of production, the quality control and quality requirements of oil-proof and waterproof additives are very strict, otherwise it is easy to have quality problems such as too much dissolved matter. The qualified rate is only 30%.

    2. The investment cost of disposable equipment is relatively high (with an annual output of 30 million lunch boxes and an investment of more than 3 million yuan), and most of them are intermittent production.

    3. The economic value of recycling needs to be proved. Due to the addition of oil-proof and waterproof additives in the production process, a small amount of leftovers and oil stains are generally left in the waste lunch boxes. Although the paper mills can be recycled in theory, some paper mills still need to invest new equipment. Moreover, since this kind of tableware is mainly straw pulp fiber, it can only be used as low-grade paper products after recycling. Whether it will form an economic benefit driven recycling still needs to be demonstrated.

    4. The degradation characteristics are not prominent. The test results of relevant departments confirmed that it takes more than 5 months for paper tableware to eliminate sensory pollution.

    5. It is not easy to store for a long time, and it is easy to mildew in high temperature and humid environment.

    6. Some products are not hard enough and easy to deform.

    7. Most sticky rice is serious.

    Final evaluation: as the fastest-growing substitute for disposable tableware in recent years, pulp molded tableware has occupied a certain market everywhere, but it seems that there are also many problems. Under the guidance of publicity, many provinces and cities across the country have successively launched pulp molded tableware production lines. Some places, such as Luodian in Guizhou, Leshan in Sichuan, Shiyan in Hubei and Anhua in Hunan, also take them as poverty alleviation projects. However, because the increase of production capacity is out of proportion to the demand of tableware market, there is a situation of oversupply. In order to survive, enterprises compete to lower prices and cut corners on work and materials (those that reduce the proportion of wood pulp or replace wood pulp with straw pulp, do not rinse with oil repellent after expiration, or add less waterproof and oil repellent, etc.) Frequent. Therefore, while actively expanding the market, the pulp molding industry should also actively face up to its own problems and come up with solutions. At present, the most important thing is to ensure the stability of product quality and effectively solve the recycling problem without increasing the cost.

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