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Cosmetic paper holder
current position: Home Products Cosmetic paper holder Perfume high grade paper plastic paper holder
Perfume high grade paper plastic paper holder
  • Perfume high grade paper plastic paper holder
Perfume high grade paper plastic paper holder

Product Name: cosmetic paper holder

Product manufacturer: Dongguan kesino

Product material: raw wood pulp sugarcane pulp

Product size: customizable size

Product color: customizable color

Process technology: wet pressing process

Scope of application: industrial packaging, etc.

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Environmental protection packaging overall solution service provider, with supporting mold design and manufacturing workshop, can quickly provide the design of paper holder according to the needs of customers!

Premium perfumePaper plastic paper holder

Product features:

1. Green environmental protection paper holder. The raw materials are raw wood pulp board, sugarcane paddle board and bamboo pulp board, which can be recycled. The products comply with RoHS and reach standards, which is not only conducive to export to Europe and the United States, but also meet people's higher and higher requirements for product environmental protection;

2. The application scope of paper holder is more and more extensive. With the continuous progress of pulp molding technology, paper holder can be used to replace the products with foam adhesive, EVA, blister and cardboard as lining packaging. Industry and trade, with its exquisite technology and strong strength, the products have various high, medium and low grade cartons, mainly used in consumer electronics, cosmetics, high-end liquor Baijiu, handicrafts, instruments and meters, medicines, glass ceramics and other products lining or outer packaging; Mechanical parts and various industrial products inner packaging, etc.

3. Excellent performance, with good shockproof, impact proof, anti-static, anti-corrosion and other effects;

4. Diversity of colors and structures, which can be customized according to different product structures and colors of customers;

5. Beautiful appearance, smooth surface, different patterns and textures, strong hardness;

6. Products can be stacked, with smaller volume than foam, EVA and EPE, small storage space occupation and low transportation cost

7. Various auxiliary additives such as strength agent, flexibility agent, waterproof agent, oil proof agent and flame retardant agent can be added according to the requirements of different packaged products to achieve a variety of functions, which can not be achieved by a single physical performance such as styrofoam, EVA, blister and paperboard.

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